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Why Edtech-assess?


Our Edtech-assess service has been developed to help education institutions become ‘tech-ready

Is your education institution ready to deliver a truly digital curriculum?

Our research in the learning and skills sector in 2014 found that there was extremely low use of learning technologies and a low use of blended and online learning with less than 20% of provision having at least 10% online.

The research highlighted that it was the people issues that were the most important barrier.

Our analysis of 40 education providers (ranging from under 10 to over 1000 employees ) highlighted major gaps in leadership and management of learning technologies particularly in relation to implementation, embedding in teaching and learning strategies, communicating a strategy, measuring impact, undertaking professional development, engaging with virtual learning environments and role modelling their use. This resulted in major gaps in staff development and coaching on the use of learning technologies and low investment in continuous updating on the use of learning technology. The major impact was that new and existing staff had low digital literacy skills.

Does your teaching and training staff have the digital literacy skills to future proof your institution?

Technology is both disruptive and transformative and has a major impact on educational provider’s practices and approaches to teaching and learning. If your institution is going to compete in this global economy, your education and training workforce needs to keep up with the best in the world. There has never been a greater need for the curriculum in the education and training sector to be a truly ‘digital curriculum’ as learners need to be equipped with work skills relevant to the workplace of the future. Today’s curriculum needs to move students beyond being mere users of the Internet to equipping them to be functional, safe, creative and collaborative contributors in an increasingly technology driven economy.

Is your workforce ready?

The education workforce is key to meeting the challenge and the recently published FELTAG and ETAG reports reiterates the importance of digital literacy for staff in the education sector. Yet there is an emerging gulf between the technologies used for teaching and the technologies used by students for learning which has created a pressure for educators to “play catch-up”.

What the research says

Our research with 40 FE & Skills providers in 2014 as part of the Education and Training Foundation’s Learning Technology Self-Assessment project found that over 60% of organisations rated the digital literacy skills of their teaching staff workforce as weak with significant gaps in knowledge. More importantly only 15% of organisations had systems in place to address the skills gaps experienced by staff. (add link to final report) This pilot project was carried out from July 2014 – March 2015 and involved developing, testing and analysing an institutional and an individual digital literacy tool in a stratified sample of 40 organisations.