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Digital literacy tool



The Edtech-assess service is offered by Coralesce to help educational institutions develop the skills of their workforce. This service provides for a baseline analysis for planning your staff development needs to up-skill your workforce.

For digital leaders

We have created a self assessment tool specifically for managers and leaders to assess their digital readiness.

Try the cut down demo version of the tool here.


For the individual member of staff

We provide an online survey kit that is easy to use and produces an instant report setting out their areas of strength and development needs. Once they have their results print out they can go to a short online course which enables them to develop their own skills development action plan.

Assess your digital literacy with the demo version of the tool.


For the institution

We provide an analysis and reporting service that provides the results for the whole teaching and training workforce broken down by age, gender and department to enable you to pull together your workforce development plan.

Download our Going Digital brochure to see how these tools complement our suite of CPD courses for managers, teaching staff and ILT team members.